Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Pause.

(Image by Edward Monkton)

There has been a big pause in this blog. I have been pretty busy in lots of ways, with trips away, an exhibition, and for the latter part of the year, the sale of our flat! There never seemed to be time to write here, I have logged on nearly every week, but could never find the words.

The big gap seems to fit will with the word I have chosen for next year. I was chatting to a good friend about all things art related and what my next plans were. She helped me to see that, whilst it is good to make links with other artists, it is not necessarily up to me to single handledly bring together all the artists in my town, or to make a name for myself, or save the universe, or get sorted ASAP. I think I need some time out to realise what it is I DO want as an artist, what is important to me, and to take my time doing it. My word for this year is PAUSE.

I am going to be moving into a new house, and I want to make time to enjoy making the space mine. I want to paint for the sake of it, to enjoy the process, rather than working madly towards a commission or exhibition deadline. I want to concentrate on seeing friends more, rather than feeling guilty for not having the time to see them.

This year is going to be about taking the pressure off a bit, being a bit aimless, but bloody well enjoying it!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Evolution of Gully

Gully has taken up residence in Grove Park, my favourite park in Weston! I am thrilled, proud, excited and more than a little worried for his safety....

Here is a little picture post of his journey from The Phillipines to weston-super-mare, via my studio...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Den revisited

Today we bought an amazing thing for Ruby, which I will go into detail about in my other blog. It reminded me so much of This post . Do you think I am weird that I am planning to spend time in this when she has gone to bed, just journalling, thinking and shutting myself off from the world?

Yes. Probably...

I STILL love camping, but it HAS changed a bit...

We have now done two camping trips with Ruby, and I have been musing on the differences.

I was reminded of this post about why I love camping, and have been thinking about it after our recent camping trip to Currypool Campsite with the Weston-super-Mums.

OK, so things have changed in terms of the fact it is NOT as relaxing as it used to be. I can't just rock out of bed in the morning, settle into my chair with a brew and do nothing for a few hours. Ruby still needs lots of attention, and I don't sit down much! However, everything else I said in that post? Well, it still all applies. I love being in the outdoors, and the freedom that gives us all. I was still MORE than able to sit up all night putting the world to rights! Still drank red wine, just had to wait til Ruby was alseep! It was a great weekend, and despite it being harder work, I think having Ruby there made it one of the best camping trips ever.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Gathering the threads.

My world is busy. And yes, that IS what I usually say when I haven't been bothered to blog for a while. But in my defence, there really has been a LOT going on!

The big thing in my world right now is donkey painting. And no, as some people seem to think, that has nothing to do with a new sideline in animal portraiture. Ever heard of "Cow Parades?" Well my little home town is doing its own version. But with donkeys. Naturally. And I have managed to blag painting one of them. I have enjoyed it more than I expected to, and will naturally share the pictures of the donkey when he is finished.

I have begun the sort out of my studio space. I had to, to accommedate the four legged visitor who is currently residing there.

My flat is on the market. We are now playing the waiting game, which I HATE.

I have an exhibition booked for September.

My fabric is nearly finished.

Ruby is CRAWLING and nearly walking. That on its own would keep me busy enough.

Knitting. Ah! Another scarf finished. And now I am knitting little pieces on massive needles, which I intend to use on a canvas somehow.

My brain is not working too good at the moment. Pictures to follow. (not of my brain you understand, but of all the creative things I have mentioned here. I thank you)

Monday, 12 April 2010

My red room

We are soon going to be selling up our flat. (Hopefully) I feel very ambivilent about selling, as I LOVE my flat, but without any kind of outdoors space, it doesn't work with The Rubester.

A few years ago, the original plan was to sell up, move to New Zealand for a few years, maybe permenantly. The inlaws got involved with the DIY. Its a long story, involving a crash in the housing market hence us not selling, but put it this way, there was a lot of heartache, a couple of arguments, and I learnt a lot about why it is NOT A GOOD IDEA to mix DIY with inlaws. The process of doing it up forced me to fall a little bit out of love with the place, but I am still very attached. However, with putting it up to sell again, I must begin the process of letting go, and this post is part of that process for me. So. Here is the story of why I fell in love with the place. Its the story of my red room....

I remember viewing the flat. We swore we would never live in a flat again after spending an unhappy month in the company of the abusive, slightly violent neighbour from hell in our old flat. Then the details of this flat came through. What the hell! I thought, I'm NEVER going to buy it, but it looks pretty, so lets be nosy! We were being shown around, and I liked it, then we were taken into the bedroom. And I fell head over heals in love with the deep red bedroom. I had always wanted a bedroom the EXACT shade this one was painted, but in the wrong room the colour would be massivley oppresive. I fell in love instantly. I never knew this was possible with just a flat! I knew we had to live there..... and the rest is history.

I remember when I lost my battle to keep the room red (Magnolia FUCKING SELLS FLATS apparently, despite my argument that it would make the room more than a little souless), I painted this image at Studio Upstairs one day in response. I Still love it, and may well frame it in the next place I live to remind me of this flat that I loved.

But it it time to move on....

Monday, 5 April 2010

Commission Update..... TANTALISINGLY nearly there!

There has been lots rumbling in my world which has led me away from all things creative, but I am back on track, and trying to get my commission finished. Here is the latest design for the fabric.

It still needs tweaking, I need to make the linking sections out of wire rather than draw them on freehand in photoshop, I need to re-photograph all the pictures and wire work on a much better camera and make the image PERFECT, but it nearly there. I sent the emails off to Laura , and the feedback I receieved was extremely positive, so I am really pleased. And relieved, as I want it finished now! The buzz of doing new work has now worn off. And I am looking forward to being paid in handbags.... nice!