Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Pause.

(Image by Edward Monkton)

There has been a big pause in this blog. I have been pretty busy in lots of ways, with trips away, an exhibition, and for the latter part of the year, the sale of our flat! There never seemed to be time to write here, I have logged on nearly every week, but could never find the words.

The big gap seems to fit will with the word I have chosen for next year. I was chatting to a good friend about all things art related and what my next plans were. She helped me to see that, whilst it is good to make links with other artists, it is not necessarily up to me to single handledly bring together all the artists in my town, or to make a name for myself, or save the universe, or get sorted ASAP. I think I need some time out to realise what it is I DO want as an artist, what is important to me, and to take my time doing it. My word for this year is PAUSE.

I am going to be moving into a new house, and I want to make time to enjoy making the space mine. I want to paint for the sake of it, to enjoy the process, rather than working madly towards a commission or exhibition deadline. I want to concentrate on seeing friends more, rather than feeling guilty for not having the time to see them.

This year is going to be about taking the pressure off a bit, being a bit aimless, but bloody well enjoying it!

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